Rainbow stud STallion’s
Stallions past & present

      Above: Abbas Lad by (Aberlou)

          Above: Rainbow Appache Two (Kingy)

                  Rainbow Imagine (Ace)

            by Rainbow Appache Two (Kingy)

                    Dam: Rainbow Abelene

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      Above:Rainbow Imagine (Ace)

Above: Rainbow Anakiwa by Rainbow Appache Two (Kingy)

Advanced Eventer ridden by Sally Cark (top left photo)

& Jonelle Richards (the two top right photos) both Olympic medal winners.

She is the Dam of Rainbow Anakiwas Lad (foal in photo above left, below advert

Left Rainbow Anankiwa and her colt foal

Rainbow Anakiwas Lad - Advert below:

He’s matured into a big horse of 17 h.h and still growing. His sire is Abba’s Lad by Aberlou

Future Sire of proven parentage.

Rainbow Houdini by Rainbow Imagine (Ace) approx 16.1 h.h, still growing. Great temperment and movement, has wonderful technique over a fence.

Very clever intellegent horse.

Future Sire with proven bloodlines.

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